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Chris Vanderzyden is an educational speaker who speaks internationally on the topic of exit planning and mergers and acquisitions. She is a best-selling business author, expert contributor for media outlets and lecturer for Harvard University Extension’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Class.

Following a successful career as a CPA and asset manager, Chris became an entrepreneur as founder of a nationwide business, which she built into a multi-million-dollar company and successfully sold. She has over twenty years of experience consulting with privately-held businesses in guiding them to grow and ultimately exit.

Chris’s messages to her audience are carefully crafted to help them take the right steps to create and execute a business exit strategy that will maximize return on investment and preserve their wealth.

Signature topics include:

The Master Exit Planning Process:

How to ensure the successful sale of your business. The majority of businesses brought to market never sell resulting in diminished wealth for owners. Why are the minority successful? They engage in proper planning well in advance of their exit. Best-selling author of Master Your Exit Plan, Chris Vanderzyden, draws on her success as an exit planning advisor who specializes in mergers and acquisitions and her years of teaching Harvard University’s graduate course on entrepreneurship, to share her exit planning process.

Join her as she educates and empowers business owners with the necessary information to take decisive action that will ensure they exit with ease.
You’ll learn:

  • The 6-step Master Exit Planning® process to ensure the successful transition into your next chapter post-ownership
  • The professional mergers & acquisitions process to sell for the highest price and best terms
  • How to discern when the time is right to sell your business

Optimize Your Business For A More Lucrative Deal:

How to effectively drive business value. Business owners are so busy working in their business they never take the time to work on their business, which often results in an exit that does not meet the owner’s financial objectives. Successful entrepreneurs are cognizant of buyers’ value criteria and create and execute a growth strategy that increases transferable value so they are successful upon exit.

Join Chris and learn:

  • The mergers & acquisitions valuation process – it’s not just about the numbers
  • How to evaluate the eight drivers that increase value and attract buyers
  • How to protect your intangible assets

Who Will Be The Next Owner Of Your Business?

Explore the options to exit your business. The majority of an owner’s wealth is tied up in their business and the various liquidity options are confusing. Identifying which option will meet an owner’s business, personal, and financial objectives is critical to a successful transition.

Join Chris and learn:

  • The pros and cons of the six primary exit strategies
  • How to assess which option meets your needs
  • Creative strategies to combine the options

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