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Getting Ready to Exit Your Business? You need a Master Exit Plan to guide you through the process to successfully sell your company.

You were competitive and tireless in your efforts to build a successful business. Now, it’s time to sell your business for the optimal price and best terms.

But how do you do that?

As a business owner approaches their exit, confusion often sets in because there are many unanswered questions:

Master Your Exit Plan

Written in layman’s terms and applicable across industries, Master Your Exit Plan, Sell Your Business Preserve Your Legacy is a roadmap that provides the answers to the above questions and brings clarity to what is a traditionally difficult process.

Chris Vanderzyden presents every critical step to create a Master Exit Plan® that will align your business, personal, and financial goals and help you successfully execute the sale of your business. She shows you how to avoid costly mistakes when selling so you can enjoy financial security and preserve your legacy for future generations.

“Creating a thriving business is a dream for entrepreneurs. Yet growing a business is all-consuming. While a lucrative exit is often back-of-mind, it is rarely planned or thoughtfully aligned with personal, financial or post-sale goals. In Master Your Exit Plan, Chris Vanderzyden provides a roadmap with easily understood steps and illustrative cases.” – James C. Fitchett, Harvard University faculty

7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory!

If you have ever considered taking control of your financial future through entrepreneurship, now is the time. And if you already own your own business, it’s time to take your organization to the next level.

From her own experience in the corporate world as a CPA, as an entrepreneur, and through her business consulting practice, Chris Vanderzyden developed the 7 Step VICTORY system as the way you can beat the odds, and build a business that exceeds your expectations. In just 7 Steps, you will discover a systematic process to launching a new business – or elevating an existing one. Inside you will find a comprehensive approach to peak performance, longevity and wealth.

Are you ready to take the journey? The Harvard Business School estimates that 75% of businesses fail within the first five years. Is your business inside – or outside – that number? Chris Vanderzyden has studied statistics so that you can defy them. This book will show you that everyone can be successful given the right tools, knowledge, fortitude, and through taking continuous action. Leverage the economic conditions, take action and – in 7 steps – lead your business to victory. Now is the time to create the business and life you desire and deserve.

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