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Chris Vanderzyden

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Media Contributor | Harvard Lecturer

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Fox Business — CAVUTO with Melissa Francis
Chris Vanderzyden and Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky debate whether General Motors owes taxpayers from the government bailout.

7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory!

The Victory Code to Drive Profits and Run Your Business at the Platinum Level

Never before in our economic history has the environment been as conducive to the development of the entrepreneurial spirit. Our disruptive economy has urged innovation like never before. Funding for start-ups is now more plentiful with the introduction of nontraditional resources, such as crowd funding. In addition, technology today has afforded ease in connection and globalization creating unprecedented opportunity.

7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory is a comprehensive guide that cuts through the clutter and drives profits by presenting solid strategies and tactics that will create sustained success for entrepreneurs.

7 Steps to Exiting Your Business

About Chris

How is your bottom-line?  Chris Vanderzyden is the leading educator on the life cycle of a business — from launching a business, to increasing revenue by understanding the sales process in this digital age, to delivering a customer service experience that keeps your organization ahead of the competition, to exiting and extracting the wealth created through the sale of a business.

Her career began as a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers, then as an asset manager with Northwest Asset Management in Los Angeles. Chris has founded, operated and sold several businesses and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the changing global environment and resulting impact on business. She has advised businesses to grow profits in order to create sustained success and ultimately to exit through a well planned strategy resulting in the highest return on investment.

Because of her continued connection to the challenges of businesses, she is an expert contributor for Fox News and other media outlets. In addition to television and radio appearances, she speaks internationally, and is a guest lecture for Harvard’s entrepreneurial program.

Chris is passionate in her philosophy that everyone has what it takes to succeed—it just needs to be brought forth. She is a triathlete, a mom, and calls the Green Mountains home.

Chris Vanderzyden

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