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As adults we are recognized for the progress we make in our careers. In performance reviews the focus tends to be on our successes and any failures are highlighted, but typically there is no in-depth conversation to guide us through learning from those failures.

I ask:

What would happen if we had people who cheered us for our failures?
What if the number of times and how colossal we failed were celebrated?
What if we went into a performance review and our boss tallied up our biggest mistakes and then further explored the gifts in those mistakes?
Permission to fail is permission to succeed.

Why do you choose the life you are living?

What is your vision of what you want to achieve in your life?

The last few weeks our discussion has focused upon the importance of knowing what your “why” is. A clear vision of our desire encourages sustained motivation that is necessary for achievement. This vision will compel you to take action to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way, obstacles which are most likely rooted in fear.