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Success is Simply the Culmination of Many Failures

Why do you choose the life you are living?  

What is your vision of what you want to achieve in your life?

The last few weeks our discussion has focused upon the importance of knowing what your “why” is.  A clear vision of our desire encourages sustained motivation that is necessary for achievement. This vision will compel you to take action to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way, obstacles which are most likely rooted in fear.

Oprah's Definition of Fear

Oprah’s Definition of Fear

Fear is a powerful hindrance to progress. Fear anchors us from obtaining our goals. Whether we are striving to move our business to a new level, lose weight or live an authentic life. Fear is a force that creates resistance to change that can appear to be  insurmountable.

When working with a business client I frequently ask them to tell me what exactly they feel they need to do, something that they are not currently doing, which will make them more successful. A very simple question and frequently they will tell me in a split second what they are not doing and from there we quickly peel back the layers and identify the underlying fear that keeps them from moving forward.   Many times there is one action that can be taken that will make all of the difference in the world to the success of their business.   Once we have identified the root of their fear we can then create a strategy to be implemented to move them forward.

Here are a few strategies to help you to move forward beyond the fear that binds you to inaction towards achieving your goals:

Identify your fear – Fear lets you know that you are going to make a change and you may not understand the end result.  The unknown is fearful for most people. Identify exactly what the fear is. Maybe it is a fear of failure or maybe a fear of success itself or a fear of rejection. Simply pay attention to your internal dialogue as to why you can’t do something and find the core of your fear.

When I hear clients say “I’m afraid” that is when I really start cheering, as I know they are in the process of identifying their fear and on their way to taking action. First step toward success; identify the fear. Whatever it is that keeps you in a stagnate position.

Embrace your Fear – Ask yourself “what is the worst possible outcome?” 90% of what we worry about never happens. So worrying about failure or the result of your success is senseless and a waste of time. If in fact the worst outcome you imagine does indeed happen, then your worrying about that scenario afforded you the fearful experience not once, but twice, once with worry and a second time when it actually happens! Don’t waste time worrying about the ugly scenario that your mind has conjured up that is not a reality. I also don’t believe we can overcome our fears. We can only master the action necessary to work through our fears in order to keep us moving forward. Embrace your fear, create a rock solid strategy to work through them and bravely implement your strategy.

Choose Action – Understand that fear can be useful.  Fear will make you pause to really think through your strategy.   Being fearless can be detrimental and downright scary. Fearless can cause you to move forward when you should not, so utilize the fear to get clear on your strategy and then jump into the change.

In the end the choice to accept the risk, take action and live your life to your true potential is all up to you. We all have power over our life and it is up to you to utilize your power and identify your fear, choose to embrace your fear and take action or not.

Many successful people have had huge failures prior to their success. Fear of failure is often the common denominator of all of our fears.   Success, however, is just a compilation of our failures and every time you fail you are closer to success.

Henry Ford’s – We all know his great innovation was the assembly line that changed American manufacturing. But in fact failed at multiple businesses prior to his success.

Bill Gates – The king of Microsoft failed at his first business Traf-O-Data. I am willing to bet he learned quickly from that deal and never repeated the mistakes made.

Oprah Winfrey – Yes, even Oprah failed and was fired from one of her earlier jobs.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Our success is the culmination of all that we have learned when we have failed. Every step forward includes risk and some risk is unforeseen, but those steps, even if deemed in the end a failure is part of the road to success if you learn from the failure, adjust and move on quickly.

So fail huge. Take a risk and succeed or fail big and I mean really big, huge going down in flames big. When I hear about big failures I know that huge successes are on the way so embrace your fear and go for it – either way you will succeed.

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