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People and Passion ~ Key Ingredients to Success

Wednesday November 30, 2011

Hello, hello, hello!  How is everyone???

For those of you who did not get my sabbatical note; yes, I did take a bit of a rest, sojourn or hiatus from blogging. No I did not, as some have inquired, fall off my bike or off the face of the earth! As some of you asked, yep, I have been traveling a bit for business and have also been under my creative rock for the last month. As all of you have heard me say repeatedly, it is important to take time away to plan and refuel and that I have.

Although, I truly wish I could say I was kicking back on a beach somewhere eating bon-bons, I actually buckled down to do my planning and goal setting for 2012. My planning needed to get done before I launched my goal setting workshop which began last night with a group of incredibly motivated individuals, who have all experienced success at some level already in their lives, but are anxious to push their success to the next level.  I have no doubt this group of goal setters will become goal achievers in the next few months. If you missed signing up for this class, not to worry, we have a waiting list for our next session which we will get underway in February 2012, just in time for everyone to figure out that their New Year resolutions failed because they didn’t have an appropriate strategy behind their goals – dang I hate when that happens!

In addition to doing my own strategizing for 2012 I spent the month outlining my next book which will focus on business development for entrepreneurs. I wound down my month of bliss with Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends and rejoicing in all that is wonderful in my life and I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday as well.

Now it is time to do a bit of writing that is short and sweet and this is what I love about my newsletters.  So…

Last month I interviewed a candidate for my goal setting class and he explained that he just gave up on launching a business and when I asked how long he had been trying to launch his business he told me seven months. Yes, that was months not years. I almost fell out of my chair! Seven months is a snap and not even close to the time it takes to successfully launch a business, it is barely enough time to create a strategy! Well, this week I just want to share with you the two big “Ps” required to launch a successful business:

Passion – It is crucial that in order to succeed you must have passion for what you are doing and you must be persistent in your efforts. Every failure will get you closer to success and it so much easier to tough through those failures if you are passionate about your business. Be passionate, take the risk, learn from your mistakes and do it all better and repeatedly and you will launch.

People – Surround yourself with great people. The quality of people you surround yourself with and the team that you build to support your business will dictate your success.   We cannot all be spectacular at every skill necessary to build a business so be very astute with whom you choose to work with in your business – it matters!

Steve Jobs got it right – enjoy this video!


Success is result of Passion & People around you - Steve Jobs
Success is result of Passion & People around you – Steve Jobs


Peace Out!



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