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Overcome the Obstacles

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Hayzlett, the author of the bestselling books, The Mirror Test and his latest, Running The Gauntlet. Some of you may know him as one of the judges on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. He is a global marketing guru, brilliant, and just as you expect from reading his books or seeing him at one of his many appearances; a big bear of a cowboy from South Dakota.

Jeff challenges his audience to evaluate their business and identify weaknesses, as well as strengths, in order to make the changes necessary to ensure continued growth and success. I like his message and as you all are aware, I preach, admittedly at times ad nauseam, the actions necessary to move your business forward and encourage you to keep stretching. When you have reached that pinnacle of success I remind you to avoid the grips of death that I call complacency. Jeff’s books will encourage you to keep moving and overcome those ugly obstacles that will be forever thrown into our paths, and he does it with humor. His books are truly informative and entertaining.

In my previous blog, I spoke about the importance of knowing why you are an entrepreneur and I heard so many stories from all of you as to what your “why” is; I thank you all for sharing what motivates you. The stories ran the gamut from “security” to “master of my own creativity”!

Without having a clear definition of your why you have no reason to trudge through all of the obstacles that are surely going to come your way. Trust me, obstacles will come: The client says “no” (no is not always forever), or the client says “yes”, but with enormous constraints (get creative), the computer crashes (outsource your IT), employees don’t show up (time to review those leadership skills), people telling you “you can’t”, “you won’t” or “it is impossible” (that is really the one that irks me!) Technology is introduced that threatens the very core of your business. Then there are all of the factors that can impact our businesses that we can’t control directly, such as energy prices, taxes, and healthcare costs.

Get it? These obstacles are real and they are not going to go away any time soon, so in order to stomach the ride of entrepreneurship you better have a really strong why you do what you do. Understanding your “why” will drive you to overcome every obstacle thrown in your path.

While tackling the latest challenge – (opportunity in disguise), keep your focus on your why in order to drive your business forward to the next level – and read The Mirror Test and Running The Gauntlet; they will inspire you!

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